Tameka's Baptism

Sep 18, 2022    Rev. Dana B. Beland, Tameka Shepard

On Sunday, Pastor Dana had the privilege to baptize Tameka Shepard! Here is the video of the baptism and her testimony.

Tameka Shepard: Before Christ, I was a wife and mom just trying to find my place in life. There was a piece missing and I was searching for something to fill the void. At the time I thought it was education that I was seeking and continued on the journey of a college education for several years. After 2 degrees and many years later I knew that my life was still missing something. And then Melanie invited me to Easter service. At first I accepted out of obligation, but also because there was a little piece of me that thought maybe God was what I had been missing. When I left church that day I felt lighter and decided to come back. I continued to come back because services always made me feel lighter and filled with hope, but I was clueless about church and Jesus. As the weeks progressed and I continued attending services, my life became messy, I was feeling overwhelmed and I was seeking support and help. I realized God was what I had been searching for and I chose to trust Him. I am still learning what it means to be a Christ follower, but because of Jesus I know that I am never alone and now have both help and hope to persevere in what I cannot fix myself and am open to fix the things I can fix. And I am excited for the journey ahead of me.