Darren's Baptism

Feb 27, 2022    Darren McQueen, Rev. Dana B. Beland

On Sunday, Pastor Dana had the privilege to baptize Darren McQueen! Here is the video of the baptism and his testimony.

Darren McQueen: When I used to go to church, I was unaware that Christ could be personal to me, and the only reason I went to church was because I had to. But over the past two years, I have noticed that I could talk to God when I was in a spot of trouble; I found forgiveness for my sins through Jesus. Four months ago, Pastor Dana and I had gone to dinner to talk about if I believed in Jesus or not, and he was shocked that I had prayed and already received forgiveness. He then asked me if I wanted to be baptized and I told him that I had never thought of it. So, over the next two months, I gave it some thought and realized how much my life had improved as I started to talk with Christ. In December, I let Pastor Dana know that I wanted to be baptized and walk with God.