John's Baptism

Feb 5, 2023    Rev. Dana B. Beland, John Jurges

On Sunday, Pastor Dana had the privilege of baptizing John Jurges! Here is the video of the baptism and his testimony.

John Jurges: I have been baptized as a child and brought up in the church; yet when I became of age to make my own choices, I chose to do what was right in my own eyes. I treated those around me poorly, was an alcoholic, and blamed my problems on God, although I did not believe in him. Yet looking back, he was there at every moment when I needed Him most.

One day out of nowhere, I felt compelled to find my Bible and read it. At first trying to disprove it in my own mind, yet upon my third read into the New Testament, I realized that God literally made the world around us and everything in it. Jesus Christ literally died on the cross and was raised again and He's still coming back again. I found Christ through scripture, He not only gave me the power to quit drinking, but the words to govern the principles of my life.